Blew Chocolate Tantalizing Shampoo 8 oz. ,  Moisture Shampoo 8 oz.,   Moisture Conditioner 8 oz., 4 oz  Moisture Repair Spray, 2.02 oz. Argan Oil Serum , and Satin Shine Spray 4oz.

The Sweetest Blow Dry In Town

  • The secret to The Sweetest Blow Dry In Town. Use our peppermint shampoo to detoxify your tresses rinse , follow with Moisture Shampoo rinse , Apply Moisture Conditioner use plastic cap or steamer 5- 10min rinse with cool water. Spray your tresses with Moisture Repair Spray liberally, now a pea size of Argan Serum  comb, round brush or paddle brush 75% dry Spray with Satin Spray finish drying with you paddle brush now . Flat Iron your tresses after flat ironing use a pea size of Argan Serum . Take your paddle Brush and blow dryer one last time  now creating  The Sweetest blow Dry In Town. 

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